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Dr Abdullah open letter to President Buhari

Friday, August 31, 2018

Alhaji,  Mallam,  Modibbo, Aboki Muhammadu Buhari,  I don't know what you did to God to favour you in such a way. Even though you are a son of nobody and join the military when only the sons of somebodys attains such status.

Aboki, I read what your only living sister said about you and your principles and philosophy towards life as well as your discipline. You are sincere,humble and trustworthy according to her.

Modibbo/Alareni, history has shown how you used to refund the remainings from your estacode  whenever you're on foreign mission/Assignment.

Alhaji, I remember how you are been invited to be the Head of State after overthrowing of a Democratically Elected Government of Shagari. I read it that you've never participate in any coup in Nigeria.

Chairman, I was told the Saudi Arabia Government once Opened the Islamic Holy Building (KAABA)  just for you to perform voluntary prayers known as Nafila and ask for anything from Allah in the 80's and same was repeated after 30 years in 2015.

Sir, the last time I checked you are the only living President that whenever people accuses you of anything unjustifiable, God clears you through many ways just to put them to shame.

Mr Buhari, is it true that President Donald Trump once described you as the best President that Africa ever had? I guess I watched it on Al Jazeera.

Ranka Ya Dade, they said you are one of the 100 most influential persons in the world today who enjoys a cult-like followership. No wonder I saw Buharism in the encyclopedia Britannica sir.

Yallabai, what is the secret behind President Macron's visit to Nigeria and today Theresa may of Britain while next tomorrow will be Angela Markel's turn?  Am suspecting Trump and Vladimir Putin might come here personally to our Nation.

Baban Zahra, can you please explain to me how people believed in you even when you don't even offer them anything financially?  They say you're Mai Gaskiya -Man of Integrity.

Sai Baba, many prayed and are still praying for your death why? Does that mean only your death can solve their problem?  And Allah preserve you for us hale and healthy. Glory be unto Him.

Finally sir, keep the Good work and don't be distracted because NIGERIA SAI BABA!!!
is a Buharist to the Core and #IStandWithBuhari.

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