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Another group of Nigerians to raise N1Billion for President Buhari’s primaries

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Barely a week after some Nigerians and groups jostled to obtain the Presidential Nomination form and expression of Interest form for President Buhari, which NCAN won the race eventually by outsmarting many Nigerians and groups to get.
Now as President Buhari prepares for party primaries, many Nigerians and groups have indicated interests and aligned to fund President Muhammadu Buhari’s primaries with a crowd fundraising target of one billion naira.
The crowd fundraising target of One Billion Naira is tagged “Nigerians Fund PMB 2019 Primaries” and is to be coordinated by Buhari 2019 Door to Door Ambassadors. According to Chris Kohol, the Director General of the coordinating organization, the crowd funding campaign is initiated by good & patriotic Nigerians to appreciate President Muhammadu Buhari’s personality and sterling leadership achievements.
Buhari 2019 Door-To-Door Ambassadors is a voluntary socio-political organization birthed chiefly to promote and propagate President Muhammadu Buhari’s sterling administrative achievements through door-to-door outreach, campaigns and other innovative and strategic means towards ensuring victory for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general elections. The organization currently has over 4 Million PVC carrying memberships across the country just within 5 months of it establishment & target 37 Million members across 36 States and FCT as the organization embark on full membership mobilization early next month

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