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Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu said Oyetola won't steal Osun funds if elected

Monday, September 10, 2018

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said Osun state has no assets for Gboyega Oyetola, the All Progressive Congress, APC, governorship flag-bearer, to embezzle if elected.  The APC National Leader said this amid the campaign of Gboyega Oyetola ahead of the Osun state governorship race.
Tinubu said the APC flag-bearer and ex-Chief of Staff to Governor Rauf Aregbesola is reliable and trustworthy. He said:
"We would have said Rauf should continue but we have seen your son, who is equally illustrious, Gboyega Oyetola. I will hand him over to you. He's trustworthy and dependable. He might not be tall, he might not talk much but what he has in his brain can be called an encyclopedia of finance.

"He will not collect bribe, he will not steal your money because he's upright and if he was looking for money, he would have stayed back in Lagos. You don't have his money, in Osun, I don't mean to insult you and I won't look at the king to say these ones I want to say.

"They might be saying Jagaban, Asiwaju came to install a commissioner and I simply told them that how much do you have so much that I would want to install someone here? They asked oo but my King, I am not liable to say this in front of you but you don't have my wealth except if anyone want to steal.

"But to contribute meaningfully to this state, to help the state, provide job opportunities for indigenes of this state, create industries, these are are the opportunities and things that brings development to a state. To find one of your illustrious sons and encourage him to go back home and give good governance to the people, make landmark achievements.

"The prayer being said is for indigenes to return home with the goodies, bounties and proceeds of their sojourn and that is what you say and that is the position you are and may all the indigenes bring home the goodies, bounties and proceeds of their sojourn in foreign lands. So that is what we did with Oyetola, he has returned home after his sojourn with goodies and bounties for his people.

"We trained Rauf in Lagos and he didn't disgrace us neither did he disgrace Osun state. Oyetola, who we are asking you to accept in all ramification is one of your illustrious sons. We have trained him and we want him to effect part of those training in Osun state."

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