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Ekiti APC Primaries: #Ekiti APC Primaries: A Word For My Compatriots - Who offered to serve but were blind sided by men of the moment-Senator Babafemi Ojudu

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

In the last one week, I received several calls from my compatriots who indicated their intentions to serve our state in different capacities. Their supporters too have inundated me with pleas to do something to save them from political victimization .

Let me first of all congratulate them for their courage and patriotism to come up to be counted as one of those best placed to serve our party, state and people in different strata of government. You have done well .
I have been told that in spite of the fact that you have been loyal to our party and worked assiduously for the success of our governorship candidate in the last election some people insisted you must not be given the opportunity to even obtain forms not to talk of running to test your popularity.

I heard it on good authority that committees were set up under the guise of consensus to screen you out.

 In a particular case, I learnt it was even audaciously put  in writing that one of our compatriot was qualified, popular but could not be picked because he supported a particular aspirant in the primaries. The victimization has come in different forms and shapes. This is not democracy. This is intolerance. Refused to be cowed. Do not despair. Ekiti belongs to all of us.

Despotism doesn’t last for ever. The big despots in history and their yes men where are they today. The nano despots emerging in our state will have their day too.

Stand firm dear compatriots.  Remain steadfast and never deviate from all we stand for.  Be not disturbed by the threat of deprivation, alienation or even assassination. No one can kill you if your time has not come. Even if they do a true man must live and die for what he believes in.
You have done your best and we all applaud your principled stance to show loyalty to our party and commitment to your conscience.

Let no one take your ideals from you in place of temporary victory.

At the end of the day what a man is remembered for are not the elections he won or the positions he attained. A man is remembered for the ideals he subscribed to and stood by in the face of harassment and persecution.

Many have been Presidents in Nigeria and have held lofty positions. How many of them does posterity remember today as we do Obafemi Awolowo or Fela Anikulapo-Kuti?

Let them have their day. In the interim let us continue to organize, mobilize and sharpen our lofty ideas and agenda on how to give better life to our people.

Tomorrow we shall stand on the hills of our state and sing a freedom song. Who knows that tomorrow may come a few minutes after midnight. We shall overcome.

Sen Babafemi Ojudu- ERO

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