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How Oshiomole and Dr. Achigbe led exco has successfully solved the CRS APC crisis- Joseph Odok

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How Oshiomole and Dr. Achigbe led exco has successfully solved the CRS APC crisis

At a point I was giving up on APC CRS due to its protracted crisis. Then came the intervention of Comrade Adams Oshiomole who looked at all legal issues, recognized the existence of two illegality camps, cancelled the two existing illegal exco, and called for a new State Congress.

Before the coming of Comrade Adams Oshiomole, there have been an existing Wards and Local Government Congress. The State Chairman had two pararell congress built on illegal foundations. Oshiomole sorted out the crisis by cancelling all illegal State Congresses and  filling up of few local government exco that Congress could not hold

With the emergence of Dr Achigbe led exco, the was a feeling of a win-loss complex in some quarters. Sure the feelings of a win-loss complex were a genuine concern to some extent

 To leverage on the feelings of non inclusion by the losers of the State Congress, the CRS APC caucus met and decided on direct primaries for CRS. Direct primaries is the harmonization point for all prospective aspirants.

No delegate is to be used for anyone to cry exclusion, all candidates interested for election have unhindered access to their supporters and loyalist. The ground is open to all. All party men and women are exposed to party members and choice of Candidates will be based now on relationships with the grass roots. If you are a party man in any existing camp, calm your nerves, pick form and participate in the direct primaries. No structure can stop anyone from his impact on the people.

Direct primaries is the best thing and characterized a good beginning for Dr Achigbe led exco. The time of embarrassment of parasites in APC will be during the primaries, by their fruits we shall know them and separate them from grass roots party men.

Those who became too comfortable with their appointments,  the contracts awarded to them, and the powerful men behind them will now stand side by side the masses that they have ignored over time. The pay back is now on the grass roots, democracy has come to stay and power now resides and belong to the people

Congratulations to all who bought forms for various positions, I support you all and wait to support those to be elected by the masses as flag barriers of the party

Special thanks to Comrade Adams Oshiomole and Dr Achigbe led exco

Joseph Odok, I am a Buharists

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