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Sanitizing the Commercial Sex World using the Blockchain Technology

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Commercial sex business activities are uncountable as the grain of sands around the world, this form of sex trade is rampant and widespread around the world, both in climes that have laws backing commercial sex trade and in countries that have legislative processes against it. The issue of commercial sex trade is very controversial indeed because it deals with morals, financial income and  man's sexual habits. The folks that are anti-commercial sex trade view it from the point of traditional, religion and moral principles, these set of people strongly believe that commercial sex is against their religious, traditional cum moral beliefs and people should try to dissociate themselves from such while the pro-commercial sex trade guys will lay claims to their fundamental human rights over their sexual decisions and also argue that this form of sex trade is really a viable source of income. No matter on the side of divide one may be, whether pro or anti commercial sex trade, it is worthy of note that there are some unwholesome  practices  and heinous crimes committed during the course of commercial sex trade  especially in areas where the activity isn’t legalized. Most of the people at the receiving end of these heinous crimes in commercial sex is mainly under-aged girls, these category of girls are lured or forced into this business as a result of - poor financial background, empty and white elephant promises from friends/relatives who lure them into it and of cause activities of human traffickers. It's high time to put an end to these inhuman crimes suffered by these girls and it’s also very important to know the extent at which technology could be used to this effect….

Introducing Gingr

“The chicken has finally come home to roost” is an aged long adage used to normally describe a situation whereby a system is in place to correct/change the old or bad ways of doing things in the past. This adage can be vividly felt in the blockchain/crypto tech and the Gingr ecosystem. It’s already a knowledge in the public domain regarding the meaning, functionalities and benefits of the blockchain technology – a decentralized and unchangeable public ledger of records. With the use of the blockchain technology, centralized systems now pave way for decentralized systems where no party involved in the transaction process can control the whole process, rather all interested parties in the transaction process  will always have a copy of the details of transactions and all data entered remains immune to any form of change. The cryptocurrency is simply one of the applications of the blockchain system i.e a peer to peer digital currency.

Gingr ecosystem is a paid sex internet platform where clients and their service providers converge for the purpose of initiating and executing sex deals in exchange for some amount of money and these amount paid to the sex service providers are  made using the crypto. Since the blockchain technology is a gateway for transparent transactions, making payments on the Gingr platform with cryptocurrency eliminates the opportunities where the bad eggs could infiltrate the commercial sex environment with activities such as young girls trafficking and use of under-aged girls for commercial sex and other related crimes as well. This is possible because payments made using cryptocurrency triggers the calling of the functionalities and implementations of the blockchain tech which ensures that relevant payment data of the user which could be used to trail the person or obtain some useful information about the person is kept on its immutable block of records and every concerned party involved in the commercial sex transactions maintains a full copy of this data. It is very clear that people who may want to engage in these crimes under the guise of commercial sex trades  wouldn’t love or be comfortable with such a transparent system as Gingr platform where their nefarious activities could be detected and their business plans thwarted. It’s vividly clear that the Gingr platform with its adoption of the blockchain and crypto tech could help checkmate the activities of these crime moles in the world of commercial sex.

GGC: This is an ERC-20 standard compliant token used over the Gingr commercial sex blockchain fired platform to execute all payments  made in exchange for sex. This GGC token is accompanied with banking and payment functionalities which would help exchange this token into fiat currencies so that the concerned parties could use the fiat currency to solve their daily needs.

GGC token sale details

GGC has a total supply of 1 billion GGC tokens with 50% of this total supply mapped out for sales through ICO and the ICO is scheduled to take place after the clearing of all legal hurdles and a minimum of 0.1 ETH is needed to buy the GGC during the ICO period while accepted currencies include: ETH, BTC, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dash, CHF and EUR.


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