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Monday, February 11, 2019
For some weeks now, I have been observing the new trend in Nigeria politics and I can say vividly that the northern protectorate has again succeeded in creating division among the southerners. There is no gainsay in the fact that this coming elections is between the two main parties ( the APC and PDP) because people has failed to even consider other parties and their contestants. The PDP has a south eastern vice presidential candidate why the APC has a south westerner as a vice presidential candidate.

The Ohaneze Ndigbo which is the main tribal group of the Ndigbo declare their support for the PDP which some people see as a support for their son (though some of them give a different reason) but a son of the soil contesting for the highest position in the land (Moghalu) came out to say that Ohaneze should have supported him if the support to PDP is not done out of hatred for Buhari's govt. Most people sees it as supporting their son. Even my friends from the eastern part of the country that had since being clamouring for the boycott of Nigeria elections because they are being denied of Biafra, have now become overnight campaigners of PDP. They are now canvassing those of them that are still insisting of not voting, to vote for PDP claiming that if they fail to vote, they are pushing APC to win the election.

The question that comes to mind is why the sudden U-turn when what they intend to achieve is still being denied? You see them defending themselves that it is only Atiku/Obi ticket that can make Biafia a reality. I will just laugh and go because I know the constitution has not being amended to allow Mr President or Mr Vice President to single-handedly give a sovereign state.

Upon seeing all this development, the Afenifere (which is also the main tribal group of the Yorubas) also unanimously agreed in the meeting they help in Ibadan that they will support their son who is the Vice Presidential candidate of the APC sighting among other reasons, the support of the Ohaneze to their son. What I could see is that the north has again succeeded in creating division in the south the same way it was done during the time of Awolowo and Azikiwe. During that time, the Northern Protectorate benefited immensely in the division and up till now, the Southern Protectorate is still lagging behind in the scheme of things in this country.

This scenario playing out at this time will likely spell doom for the Southern Protectorate again in the nearest future if the elders in the region doesn't stem this tide before it is blown out of proportion. The question is Why can't we have bounds and unity in the Southern Protectorate as it has being in the Northern Protectorate? This will go a long way in positioning the region for better opportunities.

On a lighter note, I think in a sane environment, track records, achievements, economic blueprints, political cardinal points should be a yardstick for voting and not the issue of being OUR SON. That's why we will continue to get it wrong in this country. It is unfortunate that this coming elections will be done on the basis of OUR SON: APC (OSINBAJO) VERSUS PDP (OBI). 

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