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The Vision of Young Patriots' Association of Nigeria (YPAN)

Monday, February 18, 2019
The Young Patriots Association of Nigeria (YPAN) wants youth inclusion in governance and national development.

We call for unity among all youths, young politicians and good citizens of this country. We need to form an alliance and support one another politically, socially and economically.

Politically, the younger generation don't stand much chance at making national decisions that could birth new ideas for national growth in all sectors of the nation. The electoral process has been so corrupted that the younger politicians can't even survive the full race starting from intra-party primaries. Electioneering costs has skyrocketed beyond the comprehension of the younger generation. The question is, since the younger politicians help struggle for the older ones to gain power, why can't the older ones give them a chance at leadership through appointments?

Socially, there is no sustainable citizen welfare in the nation. Tragic accidents happen because we have bad roads. People are tired of complaining. The hospitals are bad because those we elect don't use our health care. People are tired of complaining.
The schools are deteriorating and education system is bad. People are tired of complaining.
What about the homeless, special persons, orphanages, those struggling for their lives in hospitals because they don't have enough money for treatment?
We are even used to bad electricity that we even get worried if power stays on for over 6 hours. This is wrong and we intend to expose all bad infrastructures of Nigeria to the world until the government begin to work and there are no more bad infrastructures. We would also, in our best efforts, try and assist the government in other areas as far as the horses can carry us.

Economically, we are backward internally. How can the economy of a nation be successful when her citizens can barely afford to feed and house themselves?
Millions are unemployed. Employment is like a miracle in today's Nigeria. Talents that could make this nation great are being wasted because the government sees no importance in innovation or new developments. Who would give this displaced, disappointed  unemployed citizen a good paying job or start up capital for business investments? Even the banks aren't reliable on loans. What of the young graduates? Nigerians need to join efforts with us to provide sustainable solutions to these problems and YPAN would not relent until productive results  are achieved.

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